Helping Families to Recover
Beacon Children's Hospital

Beacon Children’s Hospital is designed for adolescents ages 10-18 that demonstrate high risk behavior, depression, or other psychiatric conditions that hinder the safety of their home or school environments. The acute inpatient program offers specialized psychiatric intervention and family support. Beacon Children’s Hospital medical staff identifies the needs of each patient and work with their families to help bring hope and inspiration to their lives.

Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment Program

Depression                Phobias               Anxiety

Suicidal Risk             Withdrawal           Bullying

Eating Disorder         Abuse Victims      Loss Resulting from War

Through a multi disciplinary treatment team approach, our program individualizes the care plan to meet each child's needs and incorporates family support.

Located in Luverne, Alabama, the 28-bed inpatient psychiatric treatment center offers a safe and structured therapeutic environment that emphasizes a multidisciplinary/team approach to individual care and treatment. Adjacent to the Crenshaw Community Hospital, the 34,000 square foot facility is a convenient drive from most locations.

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