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Criteria for admission

Beacon Children’s Hospital Admission Process:

The admission process takes approximately 3-4 hours. You will be given an admission time. We do require a medical screening prior to admission. The results of the medical screening are reviewed by the psychiatrist for possible admission to Beacon Children’s Hospital. You may be directed to take your child to the ER for medical screening.

1. The patient must be between the ages of 10-18 years

2. The patient must have provisional psychiatric diagnosis.

3. The patient must be medically stable and able to participate in the     psychosocial program.

4. The patient must meet at least one of the following:

  • Inappropriate daily activities as evidenced by:                                             Severe distrubances in appetite or sleep                                               Unsatisfactory hygiene                                                                             Agitated mood or retardation
  • Impaired safety as evidenced by:                                                        Depression, suicidal threat or attempt
  • Impaired thought process as evidenced by:                                         Verbal, thought or behavioral disorganization                                Hallucinations, paranoid ideation, phobias                                               Bizarre or delusional behavior                                            Disorientation/memory impairment                                                            Severe withdrawal or catatonia  

5.  Inpatient treatment required due to:   

  • Failure of outpatient therapy  
  • Endangerment of the patient's welfare
  • Treatment in a less restrictive environment not feasible due to patient's behavior    

6. The patient needs inpatient evaluation:

  • Need for 24-hour skilled nursing care and intensive observation
  • Reoccurrence of psychosis not responding to outpatient treatment
  • Effects from therapeutic drugs