Helping Families to Recover

Treatment Team Members:

Psychiatrist - Specializes in the treatment of individuals with emotional or mental health needs. The Psychiatrist monitors a patient's mental health needs and leads the team in developing their individualzied treatment.

Pediatrician- A physician with a special interest in pediatric medicine. The Pediatrician monitors the patient's health, evaluates their physical capabilities and assist the team in developing their individualized treatment.

Psychiatric Nurses - Care for patients 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our nursing staff will assist each patient with activities of daily living, administer medications and treatments, teach the patient and their family about managing symptoms, and help apply the skills learned in therapy to their daily routine.

Social Worker - Helps the patient stay up-to-date on school work and assignments by working with the local school. The social worker strives to ensures a smooth transition back home by working with the patient, their family, and community agencies to help solve problems that will come with their illness. This may include providing patient's with informaion, making referrals and arranging for continuing care after discharge.

Activity Therapist -  Makes an assessment of the patient's overall activity level at home and in the community. They provide and use recreation as an additional form of therapy. Leisure education, leisure skills, activity of daily living skills promotes independence, and serves as a motivaing factor in the home environment.

These are the Team Members who most consistently make up our Treatment Team. Because we individualize the care plan, these team members may be different for each patient. Some children may require the services of the Clinical Psychologist or Registered Dietician. Our treatment approach is effective and affordable. Our hope is to help children and their families to recover.